Robin Williams’ Struggle

Robin W.Did one of the funniest men on the planet just commit suicide? It is too soon to know for sure, but initial reports from various news agencies are suggesting just that! It is widely known that Robin Williams suffered from depression. He’s not the only comedian. Through the years many funny men and funny women have either taken their own lives or attempted to do so after long battles with this deadly illness.

It may seem strange that those who are so good at making us laugh could possibly be dealing with dark and sorrowful thoughts. In reality, however, depression is no respecter of persons. We used to think that depression was a sign of mental weakness, or that it must have some “cause” such as the loss of a loved one. We now know depression is an illness that, like cancer, can simply appear for no reason at all. Someone may have a strong mind, a wonderful life, and a good sense of humor, yet still fall into the pit of despair. What’s more, those who seem the happiest and fullest of life may in fact be the very ones surrounded by the hazy darkness of depression.

If you are struggling with depression, please hear me: You are not alone. There are people who love you and care about your life and your situation. We may not be able to see that you are hurting. Let us know. Reach out to us. Let us sit with you in the darkness. We can pray together to the Lord of Light. We can’t fix this thing, but we can hold you with arms of peace. Let us go through this with you. You are not alone.