“of saran wrap & other mysteries”

So, it seems I blew your minds on Sunday when I told you about the little holes on the sides of the aluminum and plastic wrap boxes that, when pressed in, hold the roll in place. Just pressing in those little holes will make your life so much easier, and never again will you need to fight with pulling out the entire roll at once! It is so simple. It is so obvious. Yet, most of us never knew this simple truth! We did not know, that is, until someone showed us.

My point was just this, while following Jesus might seem so simple and so obvious to us, it is so only because someone showed us this life changing truth. We did not figure it out on our own. Reaching out to our neighbor and welcoming  the stranger is a life practice that begins in remembering that we did not always know the Truth in the person of Jesus. Just as we were shown the way and welcomed in, so must we show the way to others and welcome in the “other,” regardless of how different they may be. It is just that simple, but now you know. You’ll never be the same!