Joy to the World

OK, I know.  It is weird to be reading “the Christmas story” in March.  Wise men and shepherds and stars are for December right?  We come to associate these stories with one month of the year, often times ignoring them for the other 11 months.  Perhaps, though, there is a message in these stories that… Read More ›

Play On

I have the pleasure of coaching a high school boys’ basketball team at our local YMCA.  Every Saturday afternoon during the winter months, these young men come out to compete and to have fun.  Sometimes, however, the first gets in the way of the second, especially when one of the guys feels like the referee… Read More ›

The Social Network Gospel

Did you know that Twitter won the “Social Media Super Bowl”? About 50% of the advertisements aired during the Super Bowl included a Twitter hash tag, outpacing other social media options like Facebook or Google+. The world of social networking is a developing gold mine for companies and ad agencies.  Not only can social media… Read More ›

The Hole in the Ground

My family’s favorite place in the world is Northern Michigan.  Just about every year, we gather with my wife’s family at Walloon Lake to rest and play and enjoy the quaint towns and beauty of God’s creation.  And every year, we get to see the big hole in the ground. As you drive into the… Read More ›