One Woman’s Story

Just about every year, our church provides a birthday party for inmates at a local minimum security prison.  It is always the last Tuesday night of whatever month we are assigned to.  I always receive a blessing from going, but it never fails that the day of the party comes and I spend part of… Read More ›

When Your Mistakes Land You Before a Judge

The following is taken from a series of articles created specifically for The Story.  The author is unknown. It was my ninth grade year at Robert E. Lee Jr. High in San Angelo, Texas.  My student council job was to broadcast the morning announcements.  It was the first step in my dream of becoming an… Read More ›

Face Your Battles with Strength and Courage

In his epic The Odyssey, Homer tells the story of the hero Ulysses leading his men home after the Trojan War.  Along the way, they must survive a variety of challenges, including the dangerous Sirens.  The Sirens were monsters who wooed men to their deaths with mesmerizing and beautiful songs.  Warned ahead of time, Ulysses… Read More ›

The Home God Wants for His Presence

This post is a reprint of a devotion written for and provided with the resource material for The Story. It was perhaps the greatest opportunity ever.  God tells Moses that he wants to come to his people and dwell right in the middle of their camp.  Not on the outskirts.  Not in the ‘burbs.  But… Read More ›